Heating Oil

What is Domestic Heating Oil ?

Heating Oil (C12H26) is a flammable product not dissimilar to diesel, used to fuel boilers. It is estimated that more than 1.5 million households in the UK use domestic heating oil to power their heating.

Heating Oil is a distillate of Crude Oil, coming in the mid range between Petrol/Gasoline (at the light end), and heavier products such as lubricants and heavy oils at the other end. Heating oil is normally coloured with a yellow dye in order to differentiate it from red diesel, which is a petroleum for the road (low tax).

For every barrel of Crude Oil, around a quarter can be distilled into Heating Oil. We are well placed, in the UK, to have a wide ranging and competitive Heating Oil Supplier market.

What is the benefit of Heating Oil?

Basically – cost. The BTU (British Thermal Unit) cost is cheaper than electricity powered heating, but typically more expensive than gas boilers. Then again, you have your energy supply stored on your premises, and are not subject to the particular vagaries of the big energy supply companies.

So, that is Heating Oil in a nutshell. It’s a relatively cost effective diesel-type fuel. Simple.

There is a table of heating oil’s cost effectiveness here.

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